William Cooper discusses Alex Jones Y2K hoax – Broadcast December 31, 1999 (complete)

Pay attention folks……….

Rancid News

Keep in mind this was December 31 1999

I have no idea who William Cooper – wikipedia is other than what wikipedia tells me, just found this funny as hell.

You can download the audio file via the Internet Archive here – http://archive.org/details/WilliamCooperDiscussesAlexJonesY2kHoax

Y2K info here – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Year_2000_problem

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Because twitter has become overly overt in its operations and the stench of sex appeal and sex denial has become too overwhelming. I am sickened by even my own behavior in having mood changes based on whether or not the accounts I respect make time in their day for me. I don’t always get to say what I want, and of course all I really want is companionship. I do not find this to be a negative, necessarily, however when you always want what you can’t have there must be freedom of expression to get through it. In my time on Twitter I have transformed multiple personalities (all within one account, and eventually back to same name) as I have always been truthful about my thoughts. Until lately. Lately I have turned cold and bitter over the news of the world, frustrated at keeping up with it and mad as hell that I am not simply a part of the solution while maintaining peace.

My most favorite account to follow has now become a desire of mine, and for this, I must exile myself. I am again (as in psyop attack) reading meaning into others words that don’t even pertain to me. It is clear as ice what I am doing to myself. We see what we wish to see, or that which we cannot deal with in ourselves in those we interact with. Whether this is in “real” life, or not.



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Finally around to making this. I have successfully uninstalled null programs and I am once again stuck on truecrypt. http://www.truecrypt.org/docs/?s=tutorial

Now I need to change servers.



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Hello world!

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